Blog of ambient shoegaze electronica acts winterlight and lightsway, aka Tim Ingham

As a prelude to my forthcoming review of the year an archive blog on one of my best moments – live with port-royal in Paris!

Paris with port royal – many thanks and details

I spent 30 hours sitting on my bottom in a coach, suffered ferry strikes and storms, learnt new theories of sexuality (thank you Sieva!) but I made it to Paris and back and in between times I played a set which sounded good from where I stood largely due to the excellent sound at mains d’oeuvres. My visuals seemed on the whole ok, I only made a few mistakes and I could even hear myself play during ‘hush now’ for which I have to thank the respectful French (and Italian) crowd for not chatting through it. The set list, for the few who will be interested in this sort of thing, was – leaving song, kissed, travel takes ages, happy song, hush now, swept, line of flight, mirror.

A huge thank you is due to to Jerome (and also Gaylor) at fugues for the exemplary organisation and for being such a great host, in which capacity he was ably assisted by Annabelle. Jerome is a true gent and has a great passion for this music. If you ever have the opportunity to support a fugues event then please do, you will be helping some of the good guys. I am grateful to fugues for giving me the opportunity to play in Paris, I hope I did ok.

Thank you also to port royal for making me feel so at ease there, not an easy task with me. I am, of course, a huge fan and to watch Attilio and Sieva up close at work and to meet and spend time with them was both enjoyable and a privilege, they are both talented artists and genuinely nice people.  They played an incredible set; superb visuals, great sound and fantastic songs. Other fans may wish to know that they included 4 new songs all of which were wonderful. What did they sound like? Well…..

I can offer one exclusive, here is a picture of newest member Mia the Monkey playing live on laptop with them in Paris. Cheers Tim


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