Blog of ambient shoegaze electronica acts winterlight and lightsway, aka Tim Ingham

out with the old in with the new – my 2008

It has been a good year in music for me, so thank you to everyone who has helped and supported me or just replied to one of my long rambling messages. Special thanks to Jon yellow6 who seems to have suffered the worst of my “I don’t understand the ‘music business’ people rants with patience.

I played the huge synergy dance festival in London which was interesting and allowed me the privilege of seeing port-royal for the first time although being rather shy it took me about 3 hours to pluck up the courage to say hello! I played gigs with Ulrich Schnauss, Kontakte, Palestar and Ricardo Tobar at Sonic Cathedral in London. I was also lucky enough to be invited to support port-royal in Paris courtesy of Fugues a wonderful experience for which I am very thankful to Jerome for asking me. Most enjoyable gig was the distant noise showcase in London where I played with yellow6 and in a sadly rare stage appearance the blindingly good Luga.

I released an EP, Mirror, which did ok I believe and the lead track has just been remixed by top DJ, solarstone, a version which actually has people getting up and dancing to it and not just stroking their chins which is usually the most enthusiastic response I elicit. My lightsway alter ego released an album for the consistently excellent distant noise recordings series one and garnered a number of favourable reviews which was kind. I was also lucky enough to remix port-royal’s anya:sehnsucht and Kontakte’s Life’s Road Movies, both of which were fortunate enough to gain releases along with a track by winterlight on the self storage recordings compilation.

Next year sees planned releases for lightsway on distant noise including a soon to be announced split lp about which I am extremely excited (details to follow), a winterlight album on MRC, a Lightsway album much later in the year on distant noise and if I can find anyone to release it I have an EP of electronic material I would love to see the light of day if I am ever happy that it is finished! Plus there are remixes on the way for oppressed by the line and luga and one for me from cheju. Oh and there might even be some vocals on the way…I’ll be playing a few gigs too but if anyone else wants to offer me a slot I would be only too happy to oblige.

So on to my completely unnecessary and entirely self indulgent list

Best Live set – port-royal in Paris

Gent of the Year – Jerome Olivier of Fugues

Label of the Year – Distant Noise

Festival of the Year – Sonic Cathedral @ Truck (the chapterhouse reunion from 3m away was out of this world)

Albums/records of the Year

yellow6 – when the leaves fall like snow

Helios – caesura

Cheju – homecoming parts 1 and 2

Oppressed by the Line – soft focus

Luga – sending triangles

Eyeless in Gaza – Drumming the Beating Heart (reissue)

Kontakte – Soundtracks to Lost Road Movies

Light Under Water – Reflective Landscapes of Nowhere


In addition, various tracks by Epic 45, July Skies, Innerise, Ulrich Schnauss, port-royal, light under water, static silence absent without leave and slowdive of course have accompanied my daily trips to gaze at the sea and achieve some sort of calm.

Anyway thanks for listening, attending gigs and if you are still here, reading.



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