Blog of ambient shoegaze electronica acts winterlight and lightsway, aka Tim Ingham

Loveless Music Group

For those who don’t know the Loveless Music Group is the rather cool New York promotion/musician/etc collective responsible for NY gigs featuring such luminaries as Ulrich Schnauss, Manual and a whole host of others. If you lived in New York you would almost certainly be trying to go to every thing they did; if I lived there I would almost certainly be trying to blag my way onto a gig. Recently they started a record label, self storage recordings, and were kind enough to include my track “suddenly something good” on the first release, a compilation featuring Ulrich, Auburn Lull, Soundpool and a whole host of other great acts, including LMG prime mover Andy Durutti’s band Luxa.


They have the usual myspace but more importantly they blog at  where they have recently been posting some mp3 mixes by friends including a great one from Manual and, most recently, a winterlight one which gave me the opportunity to highlight some great music that accompanies my daily seastaring and latte moments. From an Epic 45 track only released on last years super limited Fugues compilation (more on Fugues later) to old favourites like Crisopa and port-royal, it also contains the very lovely ‘Understand Theory’ from my good friend Luga. Please have a listen, you can find it here.


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