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Hope Dies Last – album on n5md

My first album for the very wonderful n5md, hope dies last,  is released tomorrow worldwide in cd and digital formats from just about everywhere you can imagine but buy direct from n5md mail order and you can get other goodies like a t shirt, postcard and mp3 links. The album features contributions from part-time member Jamie and Mike Cadoo as well as some vocals from Becca Riedtmann. The front cover photo of a beautiful vintage radio is courtesy of Jeni Kayoa. If you still need convincing you can listen to some samples at the n5md site


A Strangely Isolated Place Guest Mix

I have just finished a mix of some tunes to share a long coach journey with, perfect for staring out of a window as the world passes by. I wrote a few words about the thoughts behind the mix for the blog

“When I was younger I used to go on long coach journeys just to escape. I made up C90 mixtapes and then bought a return ticket for somewhere far away. I would travel through the day and night watching the world pass by me in a blur and listen to my Walkman and disappear somewhere inside myself to a place I wanted to be. It was if there wasn’t any real world just a backdrop to the music. Nowadays I make my own music to do the same thing. This mix is an attempt to recreate the feel of those tapes and those journeys.”

you can get it here

isolated mix 17 winterlight

01. Northern Picture Library – Dreams and Stars and Sleep
02. Helios – Coast Off
03. Disco Inferno – Footprints in Snow
04. The Papertiger Sound – This is How it Ends
05. kontakte – A Snowflake in Her Hand
06. Ultra Vivid Scene – Lynne-Marie #1
07. Airiel – Firefly
08. Slowdive – In Mind
09. Jesper Lundager – Robot Friend Sleeps Well
10. Robin Guthrie – Camera Lucida
11. Dif Juz – The Last Day
12. Luga – This Hard Day
13. Aerosol – Excess
14. Crisopa – Fibra de Carbona y Cambios Automaticos
15. Angelmark – Twilight World
16. port-royal – Ernst Bloch
17. Felt – Be Still
18. Pacific UV – L.A.P.D vs N.Y.P.D (Eluvium remix)

free download of old track, glisten

news catch up 2 – the n5md one


I am very pleased to report that future releases will be with n5md. I love this label and have enormous respect for label boss Mike Cadoo both as a musician and as the driving force behind such a great label. i am very happy to be on the same label as my good friends aerosol and port-royal.

Link to the Winterlight page at n5md

Winterlight at n5md  

Loveless Music Group

For those who don’t know the Loveless Music Group is the rather cool New York promotion/musician/etc collective responsible for NY gigs featuring such luminaries as Ulrich Schnauss, Manual and a whole host of others. If you lived in New York you would almost certainly be trying to go to every thing they did; if I lived there I would almost certainly be trying to blag my way onto a gig. Recently they started a record label, self storage recordings, and were kind enough to include my track “suddenly something good” on the first release, a compilation featuring Ulrich, Auburn Lull, Soundpool and a whole host of other great acts, including LMG prime mover Andy Durutti’s band Luxa.


They have the usual myspace but more importantly they blog at  where they have recently been posting some mp3 mixes by friends including a great one from Manual and, most recently, a winterlight one which gave me the opportunity to highlight some great music that accompanies my daily seastaring and latte moments. From an Epic 45 track only released on last years super limited Fugues compilation (more on Fugues later) to old favourites like Crisopa and port-royal, it also contains the very lovely ‘Understand Theory’ from my good friend Luga. Please have a listen, you can find it here.

As a prelude to my forthcoming review of the year an archive blog on one of my best moments – live with port-royal in Paris!

Paris with port royal – many thanks and details

I spent 30 hours sitting on my bottom in a coach, suffered ferry strikes and storms, learnt new theories of sexuality (thank you Sieva!) but I made it to Paris and back and in between times I played a set which sounded good from where I stood largely due to the excellent sound at mains d’oeuvres. My visuals seemed on the whole ok, I only made a few mistakes and I could even hear myself play during ‘hush now’ for which I have to thank the respectful French (and Italian) crowd for not chatting through it. The set list, for the few who will be interested in this sort of thing, was – leaving song, kissed, travel takes ages, happy song, hush now, swept, line of flight, mirror.

A huge thank you is due to to Jerome (and also Gaylor) at fugues for the exemplary organisation and for being such a great host, in which capacity he was ably assisted by Annabelle. Jerome is a true gent and has a great passion for this music. If you ever have the opportunity to support a fugues event then please do, you will be helping some of the good guys. I am grateful to fugues for giving me the opportunity to play in Paris, I hope I did ok.

Thank you also to port royal for making me feel so at ease there, not an easy task with me. I am, of course, a huge fan and to watch Attilio and Sieva up close at work and to meet and spend time with them was both enjoyable and a privilege, they are both talented artists and genuinely nice people.  They played an incredible set; superb visuals, great sound and fantastic songs. Other fans may wish to know that they included 4 new songs all of which were wonderful. What did they sound like? Well…..

I can offer one exclusive, here is a picture of newest member Mia the Monkey playing live on laptop with them in Paris. Cheers Tim

Live and Direct with Kontakte

Kontakte Pictures, Images and Photos

A few months back I had the privilege of playing a gig at goonite in London with Kontakte and The Lightshines. I played a couple of new songs during which I made only a few mistakes, I got a smattering of applause and a few free orange juices for my trouble and most importantly I had the pleasure of seeing Kontakte in action.
Ian was one of the first people to befriend me on myspace and, without engaging in the common myspace practice of insincere overenthusiasm, has always been very supportive of my work. During our acquaintance Kontakte has developed from a solo ‘electronica’ project to a fusion of electronics, post rock guitars, krautrock and shoegaze  sensibilities; Ian’s driving bass being a constant. I can’t remember all the song titles but I do remember they played much of their recent album on drifting falling, ‘Soundtracks to Lost Road Movies’ and finished with a new song that I later described approvingly to Ian as sounding like Kontakte playing a pop song. The guitars were sometimes very loud, sometimes very subtle, the beats were driving and the songs full of feeling and emotion, epic and intimate. You can’t see Kontakte playing live for the time as they are having a break from live performance at the moment but you can buy a copy of the album, which contains  6 great tracks and a remix of each track by artists ranging from Tim Holmes to Matt Bartram and even includes my mix of Life’s Road Movies. I gave it a kraut pop sheen and some squiggly moog action and I’m happier with the results than any other remix I’ve done.

Back to the gig…Well after my set I had the pleasure of meeting Fabrice L’Olive who is an even older mysapce friend, his alter ego Paris Slang, who took the great live photos in this blog, and watched a fine set by The Lightshines accompanied by an orange juice or three. Later, after the excellent previously described Kontakte set, we all piled into the van for the long, late night multi drop off. Unfortunately, on executing a 180 degree turn there was a huge crash. A minor altercation with someone outside over we all piled out of the van only to fear the worst as the bike lay in a heap on the floor and with no sign of the rider we feared he might be under the van. In fact it transpired police had been tracking the bike and eyewitnesses said he had been speeding without lights on. Miraculously he landed on his feet after the crash and as soon as someone said they were phoning the police he ran off, presumably because he was drunk or stole the bike or both. It took a while for the police to confirm all the details but after an hour or so they told us to go on our way and we all piled back in the van somewhat shaken. I finally hit the floor I shared with their pet rabbit, Stephen,  in Ian and his partner, Daniela’s flat at 4am and got a couple of hours sleep before starting the long journey back to Cornwall (of course including a lengthy wait at Victoria which allowed for 2 coffees in a conveniently situated Costa Coffee).
Rock and Roll, that’s where I’m coming from!